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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC,                  73

been the Count d'Artols' doing. The departure
of Necker was the signal of explosion. His bust
and that of the Duke d'Orleans were paraded
round the town, and they were called les defenseurs
de la patrie ! All the theatres were closed, soldiers
and populace filled the streets, fire was set to the
barriers, cannons were fired, the tocsin sounded,
and all was sedition.

The Prince de Lambesc, with his regiment,
appeared on the Place Louis XV., but the troops
had no orders to act; therefore, although they
drove away some of the assailants, the latter very
soon armed themselves en masse, and in less than
a day they amounted to a corps of six thousand
men, with M. de la Salle for their commandant.
They have taken the colours of the Duke d'Orleans'
livery  blue, red and white  for their cockade.
They seized the arms at 1'Hotel des Invalides,
The Gardes Frangaises joined them, and the day
before yesterday they attacked the Bastille, which
they took without trouble. Poor M. de Launay, the
governor, and some other officers were massacred.

They have insisted on the King's ordering
the Mar6chal de Broglie and his troops to with-
draw, and he has, I fear, consented. The Duke
de Liancourt has joined the rebel party.

The King has been to the Assemble Nationale